From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 06/16/99

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, ThE PiKaChU wrote:

> This is about Circlemud 4.00

Everyone is focusing on getting 3.1 out the door before we worry too much
about final decisions for 4.0.  I don't know whether Jeremy will want to
get a few nights' sleep before any more thought or work goes into
CircleMUD after the 3.1 release.  Which, as everyone knows, is in the
perpetual state of coming RSN (Real Soon Now[tm]).

> I think it should be made in C again, although i hear c++ has more
> advantages.

Personally, I don't like C++.  And there are other options that, at least,
George is investigating for 4.0.  But, no plans are finalized and, as
always, the final decision is Jeremy's.  Regardless of the direction
CircleMUD takes, I doubt Jeremy will abandon the entire design philosophy
that has brought it so far: simple, stable, readable.

> It would be hard for Jermy and Us, Mud coders to adjust to the c++.

I don't think there's that much of a learning curve.  However, the ANSI
standards committee working on C++ appears to be trying very hard to
make the language harder to use and look at.  Point of reference: new
style casting which use the template syntax, which was ugly and unreadable
to begin with.

> I would prefer it to be done in c coding. Does anyone else agree?

It should be done in whatever language and in whatever way that Jeremy and
George determine best suits the future of CircleMUD.

> Also i think CircleMUD should have some more fetures like races, more
> classes and fetures in the new 4.00 and before they realse it, it should
> have no bugs noticed.

CircleMUD is not a MercMUD.  I am pressing for less features to be in
CircleMUD -- or to make the standard distribution features more easily
removable.  Not everyone wants the same implementation of races, classes,
etc., in their MUD, and such creative minds should not be punished by
having to rip out a mountain of code.

As far as bugs go, well...people don't typically release code with
serious, obvious bugs in it.  Nor do Jeremy or George.  All of the 3.0s
we've seen so far are betas that have been eliminating bugs.  The next
non-beta release, which is 3.1 for those keeping score at home, shouldn't
have any bad, noticable bugs.  Of course, it's no trivial task to
eliminate *all* the bugs...


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