From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 06/16/99

>> I think it should be made in C again, although i hear c++ has more
>> advantages.
> Personally, I don't like C++.

I don't either, but before we all burst into debate
on the issue, realize that this exact issue is one of
the poll questions on the Ceramic Mouse site.

>> Also i think CircleMUD should have some more fetures
>> like races, more classes and fetures in the new 4.00
>> and before they realse it, it should have no bugs
>> noticed.
> CircleMUD is not a MercMUD.  I am pressing for less
> features to be in CircleMUD -- or to make the
> standard distribution features more easily removable.
> Not everyone wants the same implementation of races,
> classes, etc., in their MUD, and such creative minds
> should not be punished by having to rip out a
> mountain of code.

Agreed - keep it really basic, like it is now.
That's the whole point of Circle, and I seem to recall
reading on the docs somewhere that that was always the
way it was intended to be.

> Of course, it's no trivial task to eliminate *all*
> the bugs...

If there's more than, like, 2 lines of code, it's
impossible ;)

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