From: Del (
Date: 06/16/99

I agree and think it should be left in C.
Also, adding in the OLC (or completing it)
      add in two more classes.
      forget races.
      pfiles in ascii

I have heard stuff on making it modular, which I do not know what this
but it sounds like it would be easier to work with.

ThE PiKaChU wrote:
> Hi,
> This is about Circlemud 4.00
> I think it should be made in C again, although i hear
> c++ has more advantages.
> It would be hard for Jermy and Us, Mud coders to adjust to the c++.
> They may be simlar but for the newbie coder(such as i) it would be a hard
> change. I would prefer it to be done in c coding. Does anyone else agree?
> Also i think CircleMUD should have some more fetures like races, more
> classes and fetures in the new 4.00 and before they realse it, it should
> have no bugs noticed.

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