From: George Greer (
Date: 06/17/99

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>Everyone is focusing on getting 3.1 out the door before we worry too much
>about final decisions for 4.0.

True, but I like to collect things on in the meantime.

>And there are other options that, at least, George is investigating for

So far I've found glib ( to be designed fairly
well.  Ignoring the whole 'gpointer' and 'gint' nonsense of course.  I
don't see a problem with the 'gint32' type, but I really disagree with
'gpointer' as a type.  Reminds me of C++ references and how you forget when
you're working with a pointer and need '*' or not.  Otherwise, it finally
gives useful structured building blocks.  Re-writing a queue system for
every program does get tedious quickly.

>But, no plans are finalized and, as always, the final decision is

Documentation is the current largest issue with the CircleMUD release.
There needs to be documentation written up and the current SGML was written
with a custom parser in mind that is no longer available.

>I don't think there's that much of a learning curve.  However, the ANSI
>standards committee working on C++ appears to be trying very hard to
>make the language harder to use and look at.  Point of reference: new
>style casting which use the template syntax, which was ugly and unreadable
>to begin with.

CircleMUD will always try to compile in a C++ compiler barring some stupid
incompatibilities in the language.  Their 'extern' treatment borders on

>It should be done in whatever language and in whatever way that Jeremy and
>George determine best suits the future of CircleMUD.

JavaScript. :)

>I am pressing for less features to be in CircleMUD -- or to make the
>standard distribution features more easily removable.

I did just that in one of my code bases.  Boards, mail, shops, special
procedures, magic, skills, and a few other things were all compile-time
selected.  Any number of them could be removed independently restricted
only the obvious, like shops require special procedures.

I didn't do it just to be anal about things but was the end result of
throwing "#if 0" around liberally to isolate the code required by various
subsystems that was't with what required it.

>Not everyone wants the same implementation of races, classes,
>etc., in their MUD, and such creative minds should not be punished by
>having to rip out a mountain of code.

My method of board removal was basically "remove boards.o from object list
and #ifdef what breaks."  Wasn't too rough and most things were in the
right places when I did the other stuff.

>As far as bugs go, well...people don't typically release code with
>serious, obvious bugs in it.

bpl15 (and 16) currently have some real irkers.  Need to find the time to
make sweeping changes to fix them.

>Nor do Jeremy or George.  All of the 3.0s we've seen so far are betas
>that have been eliminating bugs.

"return (0)" notwithstanding. :)

That was a code consistency thing though.

>The next non-beta release, which is 3.1 for those keeping score at home,
>shouldn't have any bad, noticable bugs.

We could make 'version' crash, oh wait, that's been done...

>Of course, it's no trivial task to eliminate *all* the bugs...

void main(void)
  return 0;

Even the above has a bug.

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