From: Travis Johnson (
Date: 06/17/99

> >It should be done in whatever language and in whatever way that Jeremy and
> >George determine best suits the future of CircleMUD.
> JavaScript. :)

God, I hope your kidding. My two cents are Keep it C, but shrug, C++
doesn't bother me.  Java,
on the otherhand, is ludicious.  I don't do many web apps in it, but I
do console apps. Crappy language
that I think somebody needed shoved u know where.  I'd write it in
freaken BASIC before I'd do java...

Back on topic:

has anybody got a patch to extend the characters available to be used in
talking channels such as:
"" type of deal?  I have a few request, and I was wondering if it's
been done. I'm firewalled atm from web pages so I can't go searching
tooo much :(

THanks in advance,


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