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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 06/19/99

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> I think XML is a better idea than coming up with a custom language and
> parser, which is something I (and a lot of other people) set out to do
> a long time ago.  Actually I still have a parser for a never-completed
> "ADL" (Area Description Language) but XML is definitely the way to go.

Also on the plus side of XML is that you're not that big of a step-away
from implementing basic HTML parsing for help files, which I still want
for CircleMUD 4.0.  The primary benefit being that, with the increasing
number of MUD administrators running web pages for their MUDs, the help
files can be written in HTML to begin with and Joe MUD Admin only needs
to copy them.  Thus, it's much easier to have the help files on the MUD
and on the web page matching exactly.  Also, you can auto-generate the,
"SEE ALSO," portion of the file by simply observing the <A> tags.  More
time-consuming to code, but perhaps quite fun, is an enhanced interface
for people blessed with a telnet-protocol compliant program and ECMA-48
subset compatibility (e.g., VT102, PC-ANSI).  That way you can get Lynx
like control and a pretty little interface using mountains of bandwidth
for all of the escape sequences it's sending out to the hapless player.

> Don't you love it when paragraphs come out justified just by accident?

Surprisingly, my message manages to do the same.  I figure it's Karmic.
Quite honestly, I wasn't setting out to mimic your justification scheme
(a fact which can be seen because I have one more character-per-line in
my message than you have in yours), although, for the sake of interest,
I thought I would see how long of a perfectly justified paragraph I was
capable of forming without using any weird language constructs (e.g. no
Shakespearean English) and without ignoring punctuation.  However, I am
inclined to confess that I have cheated in this paragraph: I eliminated
the comma that should follow "e.g." and, in doing so, tarnished my good
name.  On the plus side, I've put almost no effort into doing this -- I
guess I just have a real talent for creating uniform length paragraphs.

-dak : ...refuses to give up his streak just for this stupid .signature

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