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Date: 06/19/99

At 09:23 PM 6/17/99 PDT, you wrote:
>> > >It should be done in whatever language and in whatever way that Jeremy
>> > >George determine best suits the future of CircleMUD.
>> >
>> > JavaScript. :)
>> >
Hehehehe funny :)

>JavaScript, well that is my cup of tea =)
>now you know what the java part of my name is for.
>Anyway, I don't really think something this great as a mud
>could be done with JavaScript.  JavaScript is easier to use
>then C but it is not compiled.

Now after reading this thread, it seems to me as if there is some confusion
going on.  It looks to me as if some people are confusing JAVA and
JavaScript.  I wonder if it is even possible to build a mud in JavaScript
:)  Personally I've never played with JavaScript, but if making a mud is
possible in java script it would be hilarious.

Anyway java is not without its benefits too....

1.  First thing is that many people don't know how to make linked
lists/pointers---Java provides a Vector Class.(Also in C++)
2.  Java will compile/execute anywhere.  No more of these stupid Cygwin
threads....Clean up circle mailing list spam with "My circlemud won't
compile" messages :)
3.  Sockets as well as many other things are much easier to use in java and
require much less code
4.  Better organization and encapsulation(Also in C++)
5.  Tons more features than C that are portable, like sound, graphics,
etc.(well not really portable, but java is written in assembly for every
platform it is ported to, so it appears portable enough)...How do these
apply to a mud, I have know idea :P  But I'm sure there are some features
that will be useful to someone

*Just an aside...with IBM products it is possible to turn java bytecode
into a binary executable for you system.  This can dramatically increase

The Disadvantages of Java...
1.  No explicit way of freeing memory (BIG Disadvantage)
2.  Slower than C/C++
3.  Currently in between jdk 1.0 and 1.2(2.0 now).  Jdk 2.0 is not out for
most operating systems, and if Sun doesn't do something about it, java is
4.  CircleMud would probably have to be rewritten from scratch

Personally I wouldn't touch java for a mud with a 10 foot pole.  C++ isn't
a bad idea, because when you have multiple coders it is easier to
consolidate the code if it is coded in separate classes.  Also if you want
to do something like change the object system, you could just edit the
object class.  Also advanced stuff like trees/linked lists/graphs/hash
tables can be used by inexperienced programmers via a class interface.

Although basically who cares, I just wanted to make sure people weren't
saying Java and JavaScript are the same language.  It does appear from the
way this thread is leading :P  I can't believe people took that seriously
*grin*  CircleMUD 4.0 is no doubt beyond the horizon for now.  So
discussion the future language at this point is probably futile(like
resisting my control over the world :P).

PS.  And another thing that many people do not know is that Java can make
applications too, not just applets.  For more java info visit

Cervo the redoC retsaM

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