Mobile Special Procedures

From: Richard W. Gowen (
Date: 06/22/99

I want to make it easier to add special procedures to mobiles.  Namely, to
be able to give a mobile an already defined special procedure just by
flagging it in the mob file.  Instead of having to add it's vnum into the
special proc area of the code.  For example: If I have a special proc for a
call lightning spell and number it #1 then mob#1234 can simply choose the
spec proc flag #1 to use this spell.

My question is, has anyone else done this before?  And, how did you approach
I am not looking for code, just a general plan of attack from anyone who has
done anything similar.  Also, any pitfalls you might see in doing this.

Richard W. Gowen    
  Experian Network Engineering

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