Re: Running MUD in Windows

From: Travis Johnson (
Date: 06/22/99


I have been fiddling with a mud on both a linux box and win95 for quite
some time now, probably going on 3 years. I use MSVC on my windows box
and gcc on Linux.  All I have to say is that you should compile your mud
from a dos prompt using the VCVARS.bat right before you try to compile.
You will also need to go through your makefile, the ./licheck and a few
other small formatting issues I think were all I ran into.

As to stability of the mud, Shrug, that has a direct relationship to how
well you've been coding on your mud. I just now typed uptime on both my
Linux box and my windows box, windows box has been up for 23 days 6
hours, 42 minutes. Linux has been up for 1 month, 13 days, 8 hours, 11
minutes. Both I feel are respectable uptimes.  You need to give your
windows box more memory then what the Linux has, and when you put it on
the windows, u will definately see a difference in win95 performance.  I
however have never thought much of this because both machines are just
piddlers, test boxes for such things. It will all depend on how you run
things, how much work your windows box has to do, that sort of stuff.

Have you considered taking your current box to work?  I don't know your
situation, but when I had first started working for, they
allowed me to bring in my computer from home to hook into the LAN there,
which gave it a direct connection to the internet.  It is something to
think about.

Well, I think I've outwinded myself this time. Shrug, hope it helped

Baktor Silvanti of the Radarkeen

> Windows 95/98 (Even NT sometimes) are too, shall we say unreliable, to
> actually run a MUD on. I far prefer running my game on Linux, where it is
> easy to manage and does not system crash every 4 minutes. I personally have
> given up the MSVC++ for Linux, as I think a solid system wins over a nice
> compiler.

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