Re: [IDEA] Artificial Intelligence/ALife

From: JoeR (
Date: 06/23/99

> There was an interesting artical about this on Imaginary
> Realities for May.
> The address is:

Thanks for that info!  I checked it out and the code is written in Perl
(could be ported to C I suppose fairly easily if I knew Perl).  It's really
an interesting idea though.. beyond the mobile special functions.. since
this would be a program outside of Circle that actually logs in and
interacts with the MUD as an "artificial" player.

There's also a scaled down "cousin" of Toei Rei called Maria that simply
anwsers questions (as if she was a real person).. which is very useful if
you always want to have a half-way intelligent 'bot around that can anwser
newbie questions (even refer them to the Help when it's a blantantly obvious

I was wondering if anyone has implemented 'bots on their system.  There's
got to be at least someone who has put in the famous Eliza code...


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