From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 06/24/99


New snapshot release.  I didn't make a .tar release because I haven't
committed the code.  I didn't commit the code because I haven't made
ChangeLog entries.  I don't have ChangeLog entries because I'm tired and I
haven't tested some of it.  I'm taking a quick nap first. (6:40 am)

Anyway (without attributions, see ChangeLog later):

* Fix for CHECK_PLAYER_SPECIAL invoked when switched and writing mail.
        Not even sure if possible off the top of my head. Probably is.

* Don't allow 'reload' if someone is paging text internally.  Return code
  isn't checked by higher level code though, pity.

* VALID_EDGE and invalid_align got a makeover.

* Couple () around return statements.

* Autowiz might work under Windows.

* Off-by-two error in modify.c when allocating.

* Crash_extract_norents_from_equipped simplified.

* mag_manacost clarified (somewhat)

Bug queue reduced by 6 on web page.  My inbox reduced by 13 messages. Now
maybe I'll have time later to get to the other 20.

See if anything looks bad.  Oh, and I made an incremental patch file for
what I just did since I haven't committed it yet and it's easy. (cvs diff)

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