Re: 99062403-bpl15.patch.gz

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 06/26/99

George Greer wrote:

I put this patch in and had done a pwipe, had just one player created,
and it crashed in file_to_string_alloc in db.c I think it relates to

> * Don't allow 'reload' if someone is paging text internally.  Return code
>   isn't checked by higher level code though, pity.

The fix I used is below, however it's possible that I'm not allocating
showstr_vector somewhere where I should be.

@@ -3707,7 +3617,7 @@ file_to_string_alloc(const char *name, c
         * is to the string we're interested in and not a copy.
        for (using = descriptor_list; using; using = using->next)
-               if (*using->showstr_vector == *buf)
+               if ((using->showstr_vector) && *using->showstr_vector ==
                        return (-1);



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