Re: [GUI] Soon to come!

From: Jeffrey Margolis (
Date: 06/24/99

Interesting concept i was thinking of doing a simular concept previously,
but then i made a realization.  Sure it would be great to have a gui built in
to the code, but then that would ony work (well benificially) when you ran
the mud localy.  So i thinkt hat if you are going to do that it would be best
to set it up as more of a front end to circlemud.  Keeping the GUI seperated
from Circlemud itself.  Maybe have it connect in on a diffrent port and
communicate through special flags like this:

##GUI   Elron, LVL_IMPL...
##GUI   Newbie, 1...
##GUI   Builder1, LVL_BUILD...

And then just have that be interperted by the front end.  That could also
allow you to debug the communication between the GUI Frontend and the actual
runing mud, useing a simple telnet client.

Well for the first time in a long time( actually ever) something i have
written has made sence.  If any of you think i am tottaly stupid and moronic
and what ever else your RPGing minds can come up with, i will apreciate it if
you reply any flames to instead of the list.

Well have a nice day,

Umm... ok i am done.

You can stop reading now.

Ok, if you arent going to leave then i will.

A.K.A. Elron
Implementor ExplorerMud

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