Re: [GUI] Soon to come!

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 06/24/99

"Realms of Aurealis" has a protocol that is used in my MUD for streaming
mp3s.  Basically, it has access to the MUDs data and allows you to send out
what you want.  I didn't code that part, so I don't know where to locate it,
but it would be a nice ingredient to an outside administrative console.


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> Interesting concept i was thinking of doing a simular concept previously,
> but then i made a realization.  Sure it would be great to have a gui built
> to the code, but then that would ony work (well benificially) when you ran
> the mud localy.  So i thinkt hat if you are going to do that it would be
> to set it up as more of a front end to circlemud.  Keeping the GUI
> from Circlemud itself.  Maybe have it connect in on a diffrent port and
> communicate through special flags like this:


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