Re: [GUI] Soon to come!

From: Vaughan Williams (
Date: 06/24/99

Sounds like we have all had this idea at some time..

I agree with Jeff that the GUI should be a front end for the
MUD itself..
I started working on one when I was involved with PrimEvil
MUD (no longer up for now)
But i never finished it and I am not the best programer in
the world:).
The idea was to have sound and graphics on the client
computer that would
interact with tags/flags within the code, also for imps to
admin the MUD as well,
as I think you should have more than just a players client
end app, so Eriks concept is
great. But I think you should go for the front end concept..
Think of it this way.
If you have ever had anything to do with Novell servers you
find that most of the
admin apps are windows based apps that let you do all the
config/maintance via that,
like Novell Zen management etc etc..

I await to see the unfolding of a master piece.

V -Nevyn.

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> Actually..  For all intensive purposes...  A shell type
console for
> Circle would be more benfitial as a type of "ROOT"
account...  One that
> has direct access to CircleMUD functions and variables....
> In some ways it could improve functionality...
> George Greer wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, Tony Robbins wrote:
> >
> > >"Realms of Aurealis" has a protocol that is used in my
MUD for streaming
> > >mp3s.  Basically, it has access to the MUDs data and
allows you to send out
> > >what you want.  I didn't code that part, so I don't
know where to locate it,
> > >but it would be a nice ingredient to an outside
administrative console.
> >
> > If the GUI was written in X, you'd get client/server
> > Downside being that you couldn't close the connection
without killing the
> > MUD.
> >
> > However, I think making a GUI that just fed the MUD
commands through a
> > character may be interesting.  I had an idea to make the
MUD taken console
> > input once but it never went anywhere since it's easier
to log into it. :)
> --
> L8s...
> Jeremy
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