Re: MUD DOcumentation

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 06/29/99

Today, JoeR spake to the list:

> Isn't DikuMUD obsolete now (not supported by original developers, but
> maybe used by a handful of MUDs...)... and isn't CircleMUD a
> derivative of DikuMUD anyway?  CircleMUD also has a decent, organized
> and helpful bunch of developers working on it (but not too many) and
> it MUST be easy to set up because I've seen lots of "plain"
> CircleMUD's running the stock code and areas...

The original Diku is not supported by its authors, nor has it ever really
been.  It was released, and it exists.  Since some people still use it,
its hard to say the original base is obsolete.  No more than Silly or
Dale, even though they aren't popular and aren't getting any more popular.


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