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Date: 06/29/99

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> > > CirclemUD, MudOS, UMud, TeenyMUD, UberMUD, TinyMud, CoolMud,
> > AberMud, TpMud,
> > > ColdMUD, DikuMUD, MOO and LPMud.
> Isn't DikuMUD obsolete now (not supported by original developers, but
> used by a handful of MUDs...)... and isn't CircleMUD a derivative of
> anyway?


_MOST_ MUDs that I've seen are all derivatives of DikuMUD.  Whether it be a
derivative or a derivative or whatnot, it still most likely came from
DikuMUD.  This isn't true as far as LP goes, AFAIK, but in essence, DikuMUD
is the root of the MUD family tree.

CircleMUDs are easy to set up:

tar zxvf circle30bpl15.tar.gz;cd circle30bpl15;./configure;cd src;make

That gets you pretty much done as far as stock goes.

I like CircleMUD for one reason above all else:  I played CircleMUDs, and
now I know how almost _everything_ works.  Makes it easier when you're
dissecting it if you know what all you'll affect[1].


[1] - a, for affect, if it's an action, effect otherwise.  I love grammar.

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