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From: Christian Loth (
Date: 06/30/99


Am Don, 01 Jul 1999 schrieb Andrew Ritchie:
> Now the computer parses the 'RAINING | HAILING | SNOWING' to, let's say, '0
> | 0 | 1', meaning that it's snowing here. Now for OR statements (|'s), I
> simply cycle through all the 0s and 1s and make sure that at least one of

Not all the 0s and 1s, just until you reach one 1.

> them is a 1, or true.
> For AND statements (&), I simply cycle through them and make sure that ALL
> of them are set to 1, or set true. What I'm not sure how to do is combine

Also it suffices to break out, if you reach a 0.
For combination of them without () you need to setup rules for order of
evaluation. In C it's strictly from left to right and I advise you to stick to
them ;)

> the ORs and ANDs into one statement. For example:
> Not sure how I would go about doing this. Obviously, I'd need a function to
> parse () statements. Anyone got any ideas?

Do stuff recursively:

If Snowing is a 1, you can break away already, as it is an OR-statement. If
you reach a () you need to call the evaluation function from the evaluation
function and determine it's truth-value first, and then check if it's 0 (making
the whole statement false), or true (making the statement true, as it's OR).

- Chris

PS: Anyone ever thought of implementing a PERL-Interpreter within a
MUD for mobscripts/itemscripts/roomscripts etc. and has any experiences
with it?

Christian Loth
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