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Date: 07/01/99

>From: Tony Robbins <>
>Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 22:41:05 -0700
>This is a troubling issue.  The list should be abundant with verbal life.
>Here's what I'll contribute:
>I remember, 'back in the day' when ASCII pfiles weren't too common[1],
>was a discussion regarding a player editor, similar to medit.
>I've been thinking about it, and I don't see why not.  I mean, there's
>nothing about a character, aside from his or her IDnum (not even their
>so long as it's not changed to that of another player), that can't be
>changed without a great ordeal.
>One issue I can see is if a player is playing while you try to edit them.
>No matter there, really.  You can either put them in some sort of 'holding'
>state while you edit them, or just copy their information into a char_data
>structure, modify it, and overwrite them if they're in the game, or
>to their file if not.

It seems to me that it wouldn't be an extreme problem if the player is
currently playing when you try to edit.  It would be similar to the set
command, except it would change several fields at once.

Another question that would need to be addressed is clean up of player
object files (alias files to if you saved them that way).  If their old
object file is not erased, someone else could log in with that name and have
some nice equipment to start with.
>Of course, ASCII pfiles really don't affect this at all, but it's what put
>the idea on hold in my mind.
>Anybody have thoughts regarding this issue[2]?
>[1] - at least, not a patch :P
>[2] - maybe this'll start a thread, it's a valid question anyway.
>[3] - July 1 is my birthday.  It's also Flag Day in Canada.  Happy Flag
Happy Birthday!!!

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