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From: George Greer (
Date: 07/04/99

* MUD Registration

Seems to be going well at the moment.  Jeremy pointed out that I wasn't
handling IP host addresses specially since they cannot have a CNAME record.
I've added a few more checks into the code to eliminate uninitialized
variable warnings when people don't enter information.  I've deleted my
test entries and don't see any other new problems with the database.  I
fixed a problem with it not allowing '0' in a host address also.

* WebRing

Currently at but it should be
moving to the proper location of sometime in
the near future.

* CircleMUD Web Pages

Should be a new front web page designed sometime soon.  Someone else will
have to comment more on that though.  So send any suggestions for web page
changes to me within a week and I'll forward it to appropriate fellow.


I envision this as a sort of community-oriented site (hence WebRing and
name registration) for services.  I don't know how Jeremy, Alex, or the new
guys think of it yet though.  I'm sure opinions are welcome.

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