Re: New snapshots

From: Robert Byer (
Date: 07/05/99

> For those in the US:
>          Hope you had a good 4th of July.  I know I always enjoy the
>          tradition of shooting off illegal fireworks in Ohio[1] just to show
>          how much of a difference in perception of freedom the people and
>          government have.

Yep, had a good one, would have better had I not tried to blow my left thumb
off with a 20oz pop bottle full of dry ice :}

(Definitely something I won't do in the near future as it required a hand
specialist to apply 20 stitches and six hours in the emergency room along
with a few pints of blood :} )

>  Anyway, a new snapshot of CVS changes, including a few nasty ones.

I'll down load it and take a look.  I think I have the DEC C stuff sorted out
(kinda) and will send you the changes.  I'm typing slower as I only have a
few fingers on the left hand I can type with as the others are bandaged, but
I'll try to get it out to you when I can :}

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