Re: [GUI] Soon to come!

From: Jeffrey Margolis (
Date: 07/08/99

Hello again.
        Well today when i got home from summer school, i started thinking. (I
know it doesnt happen that often but bear with me)  A while ago i posted to
the list about maybe writing a little protocal for which a client could
communicate to the mud and create a nice front end for immortals.  Well that
suggestion included a small example of a somewhat simple protocal (it updated
a player list in the client) when i realized why bother creating something so
large?  Is it worth it?  Or is there a better way.

        My new idea is that maybe the client could actually be a program that
connects to the mud and recieves minimal information from the mud.  The
actuall control would be web pages that are dynamicly updated (by the mud) as
the data changes (like the who list in HTML).  Throw that together with a
little javascript (maybe with a perl scriptthat would run the autorun) and
add a web browser control that will automaticly reload the page when a
message like ##UPDATE is sent from the mud (Notioce how considerably less is
sent as to my old idea) and you have yourtself a pretty nice frontend.  Well
that is what i think at least.

I am just curious what you think of thi, and if i did make this, would anyof
you out there be interested in it.  This way you can also make additions to
the services supplied by the fropnt end with out recompiling the whole client.

Well talk toy you later,  and as always send all complaints (about this
particular e-mail) to


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