Re: [CODE] OaisOLC 2.0 & Mobprogs

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 07/14/99

Erik Nielsen wrote:
> Ok, I've got bpl15, OasisOLC 2.0 & Mobprogs running smoothly.
> However, when I try to edit a mob in a zone, it will delete all the Mobprogs
> in that zone, both internally and externally.
> You can't even add new ones.
> I've tracked it down to add_mobile in genmob.c, but so far I'm pretty stuck
> :)

Yep it doesn't work.  I think the mobprogs section is from the old medit
stuff.  However it's not been delt with properly.

> Anybody else run across this?

yep, however it's of less concern to me because we've got dg_scripts
0.99 pl7 running with oasis 2, it's not that hard to hand patch in, at
some point I plan to work out what the differences are to oasis 2 to get
dg_scripts working...

I believe that the code in add_mobile needs moving out of add_mobile as
it uses d, which isn't available in add_mobile.  I think I moved it to
the medit_save_internally function, however that just caused me weird
crashes, so I gave up at that point.  Id' guess that you need to check
the value of i before you actually add the mobprogs to the prototype.

Although you'll have seen this already as compiling with mobprogs on
should show that

> P.S.  I know that if you try to edit an existing mobprog it will load into
> OLC ok...and it will pass to add_mobile, but from there it's getting lost.

it shouldn't get lost as there's a write_mobilbe_program in save_mobile.


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