[OASIS] oasis v2 minor bug fix

From: Chris Gilbert (chris@buzzbee.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: 07/15/99

Had a prob with redit reported by our builders:

if someone is stood in a room, and they start editing that room, and
then someone else walks or someone leaves or quits the game (actually
quitting the game might cause a crash if the person is in the room to
start with).  When the person editing saves it doesn't use the correct
list of ppl in the room on some occasions.  (note the assign_triggers is
from dg_scripts which most ppl probably don't have)


--- genwld.c    1999/06/06 15:18:23     1.4
+++ genwld.c    1999/07/15 21:07:01
@@ -62,7 +62,11 @@ add_room(struct room_data * room)
                return NOWHERE;

        if ((i = real_room(room->number)) != NOWHERE) {
+    tch = world[i].people;
+    tobj = world[i].contents;
                copy_room(&world[i], room);
+    world[i].people = tch;
+    world[i].contents = tobj;
                add_to_save_list(zone_table[room->zone].number, SL_WLD);
                log("GenOLC: add_room: Updated existing room #%d.",
                assign_triggers(&world[i], WLD_TRIGGER);

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