Get your own DNS name

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/15/99


A few weeks ago we registered "" with the intention of
making it a home for the CircleMUD community. will
still remain the official home of Circle (and, BTW, the entire home
page is about to go through some long-overdue changes)., on the other hand, will belong to members of the Circle
community.  What it becomes, well, is more or less up to you :-).

The first service we're offering is free domain names in
that you can use to point to your MUD.  You can sign up using a nice
automated script that George wrote (see, and your
domain name will be activated within a day or so.  Also, your MUD will
get a listing on the CircleMUD site list

MUDs tend to move around a lot, so this way, you can just advertise
"" to your players.  Our service will
automatically resolve your name to the DNS name or IP address of your
choice.  If your MUD moves in the future, you can simply use the same
form to change the site that your name points to, and your players
will automatically get forwarded to the new site.


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