Re: Level restrictions

From: Fabrizio Baldi (
Date: 07/20/99

> On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Alex wrote:
> >It already is available for consumption (with a few corrections to line
> >lengths for the text sections).  And George had nothing to do with it.
> Right, I was doing internal work on mudreg.cgi again after arriving back
> from shipping a 40 lbs. object from Cincinnati to Los Angeles via 3 day
> UPS. (It's a new toy.)
> >Of course, things get done more quickly when you send mail to all of the
> >FTP admins rather than one or none at all.
> None has been popular frequently though most of those don't even have a
> description.

hey guys... I just emailed only one ftp admin instead of all three..
I swear next time I'll do right, but don't kick me so hard.. :-))))

have fun

Fabrizio Baldi

"There is always ONE MORE bug!"
-- Murphy

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