Re: Level restrictions

From: Axiem (
Date: 07/20/99

Here's my solution to this problem (which I have yet to implement):

I have 200 levels, but instead of putting a level restriction, I'm going
to set up a series of flags, one for each 25 levels. If one of these
flags is set, only (n)pcs that are the level of the flag can use the
eq., but there is also a "newbie" flag, where if you are <25, you can
use it, which will be on some stat-raising eq. so that newbies have a
chance ant the begininning. Of course, every 25 levels you have to do
something special questwise in order to progress, and doing it gives you
more access to eq. Setting it by level would be too hard, IMO, since I
am going to keep the levels at a multiple of 25, and also I will have
some pretty nice eq for the higher 50 levels, as those quests are going
to be extremely hard :) But if you don't have any 'stoppage' for level
ups at certain points, you might want to consider item levels. Though it
depends on how easy it is to attain levels. Well, the quest idea will
need refinement since I am setting up a job system a la FF5:)


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