Re: Level restrictions

From: Tony Maro (
Date: 07/20/99

Wow, I was beginning to think the list was broke.  There really ARE people out there! <grin>

I like the ideas posted for weapon skill attributes, but that doesn't take in account special high-level armor.  Any ideas there?

> much good equipment?  None of this, "Well, they're high level, they need a
> Super Killer Magical Glowing Sword of Death, Doom, Peril, and
> Irrecoverable Debt," BS.

Daniel, are you saying that you don't believe higher level characters need higher level equipment?  Would a Samurai master use a $100 sword bough from a mail order catalog?  Would it be as sharp?  Of course he would want the strongest steel and the sharpest blade.  Not to mention the balance of the design and aesthetic value.  But I agree that it should be hard enough to get that he would NEVER consider giving it to an American idiot who wants to learn to swing a sword.

Sure, there should be a limit to availability of "killer" items.  Everquest has automatic quests that are only available to certain level players, however some of the things players are after "journeyman boots" are not part of a quest.  Usenet even has stories of players banding up to kill one mob over and over for 12 hours until they get everyone a pair of boots.  No real brain effort involved.

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