Re: [IDEA] System Tray, This is a windows thing

From: Bo Young (
Date: 07/20/99

>>Running an application in the System tray is a Win32 API function. And
>>seeing as CircleMUD
>>is a console app, and isn't using the Win32 API, it is fairly
>Actually it's very very easy! Now their reasly isn't anything to be worried
>about on the console thing because nothing really is ever printed to the
>console. Second it's a matter of changing /subsystem:console to
>/subsystem:windows (If you are using the project method to compile,like the
>windows msvc++) Then basically change the main functions name, make a
>function, and call the main function with the arguments. Then you would put
>in the code for the Systray.
>Basically if I were to do I would be using bits of code from things like
>Systray stuff I can get from the source of sambar server and the winmain
>things was done in a patch on the ftp site.Other than that it should be
Where is this patch you are referring to, what is the patch for, and if
possible provide the URL.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am working on a Win32 & Mac
version of Circle with Full GUI.


>>unless you
>>reprogram the entire source. I don't really think it's worth it. But then,
>>if you use the
>>Win API (or MFC, or any windows programming source) you can have pretty
>>dialog boxes>etc. etc.>

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