Level Restrictions

From: Chuck Carson (ccarson@phi.org)
Date: 07/20/99

From my experience, the problem with newbies
obtaining high level EQ is related to the mud economy.

If you stricly limit how much money goes into and out
of the mud each boot, you force higher level players
to 'treasure' this eq more, and thus less willing to
part with it cheaply. You still have the problem of
high level players with low level alt's, but that is
a different thread.

My biggest pet peeve regarding muds is players walking
around with the equivalent of 5 tons in gold. The last
mud I coded at, we implemented coins that were objects
in your inventory and thus were restricted by your characters
strength limitations. (This was Rick Glover's fine code)

I would also like some feedback on other methods people have
used to avoid using level restrictions.

BTW: Mystra from FRMud, do you still subscribe to list list? (I
do not know your email or any other contact info)

my 2 bits,

Chuck Carson                Sr. UNIX Admin/Oracle DBA
510.644.8200 x51            Public Health Institute
ccarson@phi.org             Berkeley, California

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