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Date: 07/21/99

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> 7. obj timer: put in timers for other objs instead of just corpses. A
> 6d6 +5 +5 sword will go dull if it's not sharpened, or get nicked too
> much if used a lot. Then they need to spend money again and again to
> ensure that it will continue to be in a good condition. Can also put
> limited objects on lower timer, so that it'll trash faster.

I think Medievia is using something like this... Items have a remaining days which is decremented while you are playing (I don't THINK it decrements while you are offline.)  I don't know what happens at the end of the count, however.

A good wear and tear system would probably work well.  Couple with a cap on quantity in game.  However, would it be better to count items in play when spawning, or total items including saved...?

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