[AD] Illearth MUD seeks coder

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@pacific101.com)
Date: 07/21/99

Illearth MUD, a MUD trying to reproduce the world created by Stephen R.
Donaldson in his "Covenant" books, is in search of an additional coder to
help speed thing along.  This is mainly due to my excessive working (sucks
to be me), and the fact that my co-Implementor hasn't too much coding

Please contact me directly (don't spam the list) if you think you'd be able
to be helpful.
Some of the concepts we will be implementing are:
  SpellOLC (for single, personal spells).
  ShopOLC (for merchant classes).
  New Magic System (for SpellOLC, and to be more Covenant-esque).

Anyway, if you have experience (and hopefully have read the books), please
e-mail me (tonyr@pacific101.com) and we can talk.

Thanks for your time.

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