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Date: 07/21/99

--- Tony Maro <> wrote:
> I think Medievia is using something like this... Items have a
> remaining days which is decremented while you are playing (I don't
> THINK it decrements while you are offline.)  I don't know what
> happens at the end of the count, however.

Medievia has something like this, yes. And they actually decrement the
obj's timer even offline (number of days offline is calc'ed when you
come back in again), but at a slower rate. At the end of the count,
some of the items will become trash (usually good ones), others will
just have basic stats without any affects. Example: a 3d3 +4 +4 swords
will become a 3d3 sword. But it'll also become extremely good condition
again as the timer becomes too negative.

Dak and Patrick mentioned ways of counting number of objs loaded. But
as Goerge also mentioned, obj_index[] also has a counter for the amount
of each particular obj in the game (note: in the game meaning those
loaded into the world, including players who are online). But, if the
game just started/booted, then it will be the amount loaded into the
world only. So the only thing that you need to take care off is
checking the players' files. And there are several ways of doing this.

BTW, running the game with rent check suppressed won't delete players
who are gone for too long. So you might also want to turn that on as

Joer's idea of combining things is also another good idea too. I had it
in, just somehow didn't associate it with a way of limiting objects.
One of the things that I put in is a blacksmith somewhere that takes
items off your hand to make a very good eq. But getting the items and
getting to the blacksmith is another thing altogether. Example: making
a 6d10 +6 +6 sword will need a block of pure silver ore from a haunted
mine, an expensive block of adamantine from a travelling merchant (who
teleport himself simply anywhere each day) and a flask of dragon blood
for quenching. If players can get the items needed and go to the
blacksmith, they deserve the sword. No need to limit it, as the process
of getting the items for one is enough to limit the sword.

Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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