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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 07/22/99

On Jul 22, Fizal spake to the list:

> MedXXXia has something like this, yes.

Eep.  That's the M-word three times in a single day!

> But as Goerge also mentioned, obj_index[] also has a counter for the
> amount of each particular obj in the game (note: in the game meaning
> those loaded into the world, including players who are online).

Just a clarification, here.  The method I stated doesn't replace using
obj_index[], in fact, it must take advantage of it in the repop code.
What I presented simply keeps track of unique items, the maximum number of
the items that can be in the world, and the current number that are owned
by players.  This method replaces counting the items in rent files on boot
each time you begin the game.

> Example: making a 6d10 +6 +6 sword will need a block of pure silver
> ore from a haunted mine, an expensive block of adamantine from a
> travelling merchant (who teleport himself simply anywhere each day)
> and a flask of dragon blood for quenching.

Another addition to the things you should be doing to items: stat
tweaking.  Not every instance of a short sword should be equal.  Instead,
each instance of an object's quality should range.  And, a trained eye
would be able to differentiate between poor quality and high quality.
Ideally, quality would be determined by the aforementioned big three
(Balance, Strength [Hardness and Weight, Flexibility], and Craftsmanship
[Practicality, Polish, Edge, and Aesthetic value]), but you can do it by
damage dice, hitroll, and damroll.  I'm waiting for the day where I can
login to a CircleMUD, and,

    > get shortsword
    You get the shortsword.
    > ex shortsword
    It's a short, metalic sword, probably made of steel.  The polish
    allows you to see your reflection in it.  It appears to be quite

but, later, after learning much more about sword appraisal,

    > ex shortsword
    It's a short, steel sword of overall poor quality.  The polish, which
    is the nicest thing about it, allows you to see your reflection.  The
    distortions tell something of the sword's hard life and numerous
    repairs.  The constant reshaping has probably created many weak spots
    in the blade, but there's no clear indication of how well it will hold
    out in a fight.  The edge is keen, but appears to have been formed by
    grinding down part of the sword after the original edge had broken
    off or been greatly dulled.  You might be able to fetch a pretty
    penny from someone who didn't know better, though.
    > drop shortsword
    You drop the poorly crafted, sharp shortsword.

Of course, mobiles (since they should be buying stuff with that money they
have; unless they're squirrels, in which case, you need to reconsider why
all of your squirrels have money) should, of course, have varying degrees
of skill in discerning such features.  So the weapon shop owner might
laugh off an offer to buy the sword, but a young man who grew up on a farm
might be quite impressed by it.  Players, of course, have the same

-dak : "The best ten years of her life were those between 29 and 30."

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