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Date: 07/22/99

"Daniel A. Koepke" wrote:
> On Jul 22, Fizal spake to the list:
> > MedXXXia has something like this, yes.
> Eep.  That's the M-word three times in a single day!

Ok, I will leave this part above in, just so you can see it again!

> Another addition to the things you should be doing to items: stat
> tweaking.  Not every instance of a short sword should be equal.  Instead,
> each instance of an object's quality should range.  And, a trained eye
> would be able to differentiate between poor quality and high quality.
> Ideally, quality would be determined by the aforementioned big three
> (Balance, Strength [Hardness and Weight, Flexibility], and Craftsmanship
> [Practicality, Polish, Edge, and Aesthetic value]), but you can do it by
> damage dice, hitroll, and damroll.  I'm waiting for the day where I can
> login to a CircleMUD, and,

<Example snipped>

> Of course, mobiles (since they should be buying stuff with that money they
> have; unless they're squirrels, in which case, you need to reconsider why
> all of your squirrels have money) should, of course, have varying degrees
> of skill in discerning such features.  So the weapon shop owner might
> laugh off an offer to buy the sword, but a young man who grew up on a farm
> might be quite impressed by it.  Players, of course, have the same
> weaknesses.

For making things slightly different, I changed it so that when a mobile loads
the amount of gold that a mob gets will be 50-120% of the number stored in the
mob files. So if a mob is to get 1000 gold, it will get anywhere from 500 to
instead of the standard 1000.
After I finish this one project I am working on, I want to try and figure out
how to randomly load certain object. Objects like scrolls, potions, and maybe
a few
special items (on a low percentage). Having objects such as swords and armor
a range of damage and AC, would even make nicer!
Maybe taking the number of dice roll and randomly changing that from 50-100%.
I guess if there is a check to see if the sword is a certain percent of the
then maybe the information in your example (that was snipped) could be

I would like to hear of other possibilites to something like this to make
items more
random (instead of having 1000 short swords all identical, it would be more
like 100
of the 1000 short swords are 4d3, and all the rest are 1-3d3)
That SUPER DUPER Great sword with a 5d8 that has a 10% load rate
(percentages), would
end up having only a 10% chance of actually being 5d8. All the rest will be
I definitly like this idea!!

Other thoughts and comments?

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