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Date: 07/22/99

Tom Daley has (or had) that implemented into his ZombieMUD.  It's entirely
possible that he may be able to shed some insight on how well it worked
and maybe some pointers.  I don't think it'd hurt to ask him. :)

 - jeremy

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, JoeR wrote:
- I had an interesting idea in mind for allowing objects to be "combined" to
- create a NEW item.  I think this could help with the logistical question of
- limiting items to a certain number available... because when you physically
- combine object 1 with object 2, you REMOVE the first 2 items from the system
- and then object 3 is created!
- That means if you only want 1 Super-Duper Glowing Power Sword to ever exist
- anywhere on the MUD and it can only be created when 1 Super-Duper Golden
- Hilt (just a plain "other" type object) is combined with 1 Flask of Magical
- Molten Silver - then the code can check if a Super-Duper Glowing Power Sword
- exists anywhere (in the player object file) before the combination occurs
- (and the new item is loaded).
- There can be a million of each individual component scattered all over the
- MUD, but if you want the creation of the primary component limited to a
- certain number then it's relatively easy to control at the time the player
- uses the "combine <item> {with} <item>" command.
- The MUD I'm coding isn't fantasy-based, but instead is technology-based.. so
- combining different components to make something different is a little more
- realistic (plus a "seperate <item>" command to get the original components
- back) - but maybe in a fantasy MUD the combination of components could be
- limited to magic potions so it would make sense to the player.
- Note: Because it would be possible to have item1 + item2 = item3 and then
- item3 + (item4*3) = item5 and then maybe item5 + item1 = item6, the concept
- of combining objects can seriously make things complicated on your MUD if
- you don't have things charted out ahead of time.  (sort of like those
- "technology charts" for StarCraft...)

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