Re: Problems with ASCII and loading descriptions

From: Jesper Andersen (
Date: 07/27/99

William Lowrey wrote:
> Sounds like you are not reading in the description properly.  If you
> increased the length of the description when saving, and didn't increase
> it when loading the players, it would explain for losing title information
> and other stats.
>  Look in db.c and compare the save and load functions,
> specificly where you write and read the description.  As for having

in save_char I have the following:
      fprintf(outfile, "Desc:\n%s~\n", player.description);

and in load_char I have it initialized and loaded like this:

    strcpy(player->description, "");

      case 'D':
       if(!strcmp(tag, "Desc")) {
         buf2 = fread_string(fl, line);
         if (buf2) {
           strcpy(player->description, buf2);
         } else
           *player->description = '\0';

And somehow it fails to work. Darn .. this give me headache and I think
its a basic problem I just cant seem to focus on it.

> problems with the descriptions over 4-5 lines, it is limited to the size
> of your character array.  If you want it to be longer, increase the size.
> That means you also have to increase it in the save and load functions
> also.
> Good luck,
> Novak


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