[CODE] updating for Duvall's multi attack for mobs

From: Bill Forgette (forgettb@mlc.lib.mi.us)
Date: 07/27/99

Newbie alert...

I'm using a modified bpl15 with OasisOLC2.0 on a i586 with linux 2.2 (rh

I'm working on trying to patch in Duvall's multi attack for mobs, I have
already done this in the past with bpl14 and OasisOLC1.6 without a
problem.  With things moved around in this new release I'm
confused/unsure where to put the following:

> ******* medit.c ******
> Find: #define S_KEEPER(shop) ((shop)->keeper)
>   Add:
>   #define GET_ATTACK1(mob)  ((mob)->mob_specials.attack1)
>   #define GET_ATTACK2(mob)  ((mob)->mob_specials.attack2)
>   #define GET_ATTACK3(mob)  ((mob)->mob_specials.attack3)

I'm thinking utils.h, right? wrong?

And the next part

>   Find: if(GET_CHA(mob) != 11)
>           fprintf(mob_file, "Cha: %d\n", GET_CHA(mob));
>   Add:
>   f(GET_ATTACK1(mob) != 0)
>           fprintf(mob_file, "Att1: %d\n", GET_ATTACK1(mob));
>         if(GET_ATTACK2(mob) != 0)
>           fprintf(mob_file, "Att2: %d\n", GET_ATTACK2(mob));
>         if(GET_ATTACK3(mob) != 0)
>           fprintf(mob_file, "Att3: %d\n", GET_ATTACK3(mob));

I'm no longer finding the reference to the GET_CHA, just put this
following the others, i.e. GET_DEX?

When done, I would like to post an updated instructions for other
newbies who may encounter the same problems.


Bill Forgette, AccessMichigan Trainer
Michigan Library Consortium
voice: 800-530-9019 -or- 517-694-4242, ext. 13
fax: 517-694-9303
email: forgettb@mlc.lib.mi.us

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