Re: [Code][Long] Clan Snafu

From: Zeavon (
Date: 08/01/99

> Okay, now for the problem when I assign a clan to a person,
> the clan name is automatically put in lowercase letters, for

What I would do, if I were you, is to set the clan data to be an int and
then use an index to reference the name of the clan. Just like what is done
for class. A person's class is not stored as "cleric" it is stored as "0"
and then you do something like: class_types[GET_CLASS(ch)] to get the word

That will save lots of RAM usage since an int will invariably be smaller
than any decent clan name and it will allow you to have clan names with
spaces in them and such.

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Zeavon Calatin, Spear of Insanity

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