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Date: 08/02/99

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> On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Alfredo Kengi Kojima wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Is it possible to create doors, so that they can only be
> > entered with the "enter" command? For example, if I want
> > a room that can only be entered through a "hole" (like "enter hole"),
> > how do I do that? If thats not possible with stock circle 3.0bpl15,
> > can you tell me whether there is some patch that does that?


> You need a room special procedure to do this, an extremely simple example
> follows.  Make sure you assign it in spec_assign.c where all the others
> assigned.  I deliberately left out arguments for simplicity, but they
> be easy enough to add if you feel the need for more than one entryway per
> room.


You could check the archives for 'beleporter', it's a spec proc I wrote that
uses an array so it's quickly expandable with customizable messages.

Or you could add 'special exits' which have a string for their name and a
spot for the exit message.  I did that once, too.



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