mob prog problem --newbie--

From: Rama (
Date: 08/02/99

i am trying to put the mobprog patch into my circle blp15
i have linux suse 6.1 and win95 for os.

when i apply the patch under linux i must fix some rejected and change some
virtual in vnum (i think that virtual was the old way to define the vnum of
a obj/room).
after a bit of trouble i receive this error message

[C++ Error] mobcmd.c(108): E2451 Undefined symbol 'room_num'.
[C++ Error] mobcmd.c(108): E2379 Statement missing ;.
[C++ Error] mobcmd.c(109): E2140 Declaration is not allowed here.
[C++ Error] mobcmd.c(125): E2451 Undefined symbol 'was_in_room'.
[C++ Warning] mobcmd.c(134): W8013 Possible use of 'pexit' before
[C++ Warning] mobcmd.c(375): W8004 'pMobIndex' is assigned a value that is
never used.
[C++ Warning] mobcmd.c(414): W8004 'pObjIndex' is assigned a value that is
never used.
[C++ Error] mobcmd.c(625): E2193 Too few parameters in call to

all the prob are in this part of mobcmd.c

room_num was_in_room;
  int              door;

    if (!IS_NPC(ch) || IS_AFFECTED(ch, AFF_CHARM) || ch->desc)
        send_to_char("Huh?\n\r", ch);

    if (argument[0] == '\0')
        bug("Mpasound - No argument: vnum %d.", mob_index[ch->nr].vnum);

    one_argument(argument, arg);

  was_in_room = ch->in_room;
    for (door = 0; door <= 5; door++)
      struct room_direction_data       *pexit;

      if ((pexit = world[was_in_room].dir_option[door]) != NULL
   && pexit->to_room != NOWHERE
   && pexit->to_room != was_in_room)
 ch->in_room = pexit->to_room;
 MOBTrigger  = FALSE;
 act(arg, FALSE, ch, NULL, NULL, TO_ROOM);

  ch->in_room = was_in_room;



i hope that someone can help me

bye bye

p.s sorry for my terrible english i hope that you can understand it :(


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