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Date: 08/06/99

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> Yes in this case i agree with Mr. Robbins,  A while ago i braught up this
> question and had it all set to make some new stuff for dg scripts, but
then a
> suggestion lik ethat came.  There is only one problem you will encounter
> useing that method, which can be esiely fixed.

I, being the individual identified as Mr. Robbins, bravely concur with
myself, in concurrence with your concurrent statement.

> "The Problem"
>     Using the [w|m|o]echo !!SOUND(bleh.wav) method of sending the MSP
> will send it to every one, even those who do not want it.
> "The Solution"
>     Go into the [w|m|o]echo commands and add a check for the sound
> flag.  If they dont want it just cancel the command.

More or less.  DG Scripts let you check to see if a flag is set, so it's no
big thing.

> And there you go.  Well that will work unless you used some other
> to check for the flag in the write_to_q() funtion and then took out the
> !!SOUND(...) thing.

I did that in an old MUD called Covenant that never opened.  It's easy, it's
basically proc_color() with 10 more minutes of work.

> Hmm,  Perhaps i shouldnt respond to e-mails right the day after seeing
> and after wakin g up from a terrible migrain.  Ohh well. Have Fun.

Giant Weasels and Republicans?   Never heard of it.

Having fun,

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