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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 08/07/99

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Tony Robbins said:

> I, being the individual identified as Mr. Robbins, bravely concur with
> myself, in concurrence with your concurrent statement.

Freaky, circus concurrence, day and night, hot, wild, and buttery. Live
concurrence by actual college guys, only on the CircleMUD Mailing List...

> I did that in an old MUD called Covenant that never opened.  It's
> easy, it's basically proc_color() with 10 more minutes of work.

Well, MSP makes me cringe.  I'm all for introducing protocols for
multimedia muds, but I just don't see MSP as being a contribution.  The
command sequences are needlessly length and dangerously coded in
characters that fall within the user-space (i.e., "emote !!SOUND(...)").
I'm a big proponent of either further support in servers and clients for
the 'telnet' protocol and ISO6429 (which doesn't give us multimedia, but
at least alternate fonts and special characters) or abandoning them and
moving to a mud-specific protocol that offers a great deal more for
multimedia muds.  Either would require a large shift in both client and
server software, but I'm tired of seeing half-baked, often proprietary
solutions for the lack of other media by which to communicate with your
players (sound, graphics, what have you).  A complete mud protocol,
replacing 'telnet' and "PC-ANSI/VT100" would be desirable if client
authors would move towards support for it.  Hell, I'd just like to provide
underlined, double underlined, striked-out, and encircled (i.e., for
numbers) text to my users, as ISO 6429 allows.  See one of my recent
USENET ( postings on ``ANSI'' for more complete

Anyway, if the codes come in the form !!blah(...) then it should be a
simple 7 liner:

  if (!PRF_FLAGGED(ch, PRF_MSP) && *ptr == '!' && *(ptr + 1) == '!') {
    char * pre = ptr + 2, * sta = strchr(pre, '(');
    if (sta) {
      *(pre + (strlen(pre) - strlen(sta))) = '\0';
      if (!str_cmp(pre, "sound") || !str_cmp(pre, "music"))
        while (*ptr != ')')

Which probably isn't a 10 minute hack...(And is actually 9 lines, but I
was counting actual code.)  Oh, and this isn't drop-in code, it's just
meant to illustrate how one could do it in minimal space.  I doubt it
works, I've been writing Lisp, Scheme, and Java (Oh, my!) for the past
week, so my brain isn't in pointer mode...

> Giant Weasels and Republicans?   Never heard of it.

I'm pretty sure GWAR is actually Garish Wife Accessory Resistence, a small
but effective group of men fighting the good fight, braving the,
brave...<blink> and resisting the influence of excessively gaudy, probably
over-priced (but "justifiably" so, as they're "vintage") bobbles purchased
by wives across the realm.

GWAR.  Drawing the line at French bronze things.

-dak : The line must be drawn heehr-ya!

P.S., What appears to be the last episode of Mystery Science Theater
3000's ten year run comes up this Sunday night on the Sci-Fi Channel.
I've been watching the show since it first appeared on the Comedy Channel,
and I've found it to be one of the best things on television.  Not many
shows can get cancelled twice in their lifetime and have a strong enough
fan base to raise $5000 to advertise in the Daily Variety in the hopes of
it getting picked-up by another network.  If you've never seen the show
before, either see it for the first time on Sunday or go rent one of the
shows from Blockbuster or your favorite video store.  I would recommend
starting with Pod People, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Mitchell, and then
MST3K: The Movie (tagline: "Every year, thousands of movies are made. This
is one of them.").  Before moving onto the horror that is, "Manos": Hands
of Fate (yes, the quotes are actually part of the title).  That is easily
the worst film *EVER* made.

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