Oasis 2.0 / Mobprog bug

From: Erik Nielsen (kazgratz@hotmail.com)
Date: 08/07/99

Ok, found out why the mobprogs weren't saving. easiset and most effective
way to patch it is to copy this code:

  GET_MPROG_TYPE(OLC_MOB(d)) = (OLC_MPROGL(d) ? OLC_MPROGL(d)->type : 0);
  while (OLC_MPROGL(d)) {
    GET_MPROG_TYPE(OLC_MOB(d)) |= OLC_MPROGL(d)->type;
    OLC_MPROGL(d) = OLC_MPROGL(d)->next;

take it out of add_mobile in genmob.c and put it back in medit_save_internal
right before this line:

  if (!i) /* Only renumber on new mobiles. */

basically when moving over to genmob both mprogl and mprog get dropped so
this is the quickest way to fix it.


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