From: Tim Marks (
Date: 08/11/99

I am following the instructions to add races in the race.txt file titled
Race Modification for CircleMUD 3.0
-by Nick C.-

I am using circle30 bpl15 with oasisOLC
So far everything is going fine till now.
Now it is giving me a few problems with what I assume is a macro
I have searched for this, what I assume is a macro. It is not in the code.
So I assume it is from an earlier patch level. The code it is erroring on is
1592: if (GETPFILEPOS(d->character) < 0)
1593:      GETPFILEPOS(d->character) = create_entry(GET_NAME(d->character));
I get one warning and one error
warning implicit declaration of function GETPFILEPOS
and invalid lvalue in assignment.
The warning is for line 1592
and the error is for line 1593
I figure that the error is coming because the macro GETPFILEPOS is not there.
Is there a replacement I can give it? Or an equivalent function/macro in
I am compiling with cygwin b20

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