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Date: 08/11/99

dont know if this is a repeat or not... I sent this with the wrong email
account but
never received it with the right one (if you can follow all that :P )

The macro your missing is this

#define GET_PFILEPOS(ch)      ((ch)->pfilepos)

but if you just did a cut and paste, your missing the underscore.
If not... this was in utils.h


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Date: Wednesday, August 11, 1999 8:44 PM

>I am following the instructions to add races in the race.txt file titled
>Race Modification for CircleMUD 3.0
>-by Nick C.-
>I am using circle30 bpl15 with oasisOLC
>So far everything is going fine till now.
>Now it is giving me a few problems with what I assume is a macro
>I have searched for this, what I assume is a macro. It is not in the code.
>So I assume it is from an earlier patch level. The code it is erroring on
>1592: if (GETPFILEPOS(d->character) < 0)
>1593:      GETPFILEPOS(d->character) =
>I get one warning and one error
>warning implicit declaration of function GETPFILEPOS
>and invalid lvalue in assignment.
>The warning is for line 1592
>and the error is for line 1593
>I figure that the error is coming because the macro GETPFILEPOS is not
>Is there a replacement I can give it? Or an equivalent function/macro in
>I am compiling with cygwin b20
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