Re: [CODE] Odd "24" bug

From: Zeavon (
Date: 08/12/99

> The first instance of the "24" bug occurs when a player
> wearing a container
> with objects, such as a backpack, quits the game.  When he
> returns, his
> "carried weight" is 24 pounds heavier.  The encumbrance goes
> up and up and
> up with each quit-and-return.

Check and see if the person is carrying a liquid container. It may be that
the weight from the liq. container is being added up wrong. I know that I
screwed up this when I messed with the code for the fill command.

One way of checking is to strip down a character to nothing.... No items
what-so-ever. rent-unrent and see if the problem happens. If not, you know
that it is probably an object problem. Give them one item type (container,
food, armor, etc) and have them rent-unrent. Do this with each item type
until you find the one that is giving you problems.

As far as your other problem goes... Sorry. No idea.

Good luck!

Zeavon Calatin, Spear of Insanity

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