Re: [CODE] Odd "24" bug

From: Daniel Staudt (
Date: 08/17/99

the room number drops by 24 because the rnum of the midgaard zone is
the number is simply going from vnum 30 to rnum 6

as for the carry weight
you just happened to have a 24 carry weight container i bet i found and
removed the same bug it is in the obj_to_char and obj_to_obj
forget if it is missing a weight adjust loop or had an extra one
been to long since i fixed it

>From: Robert Moon <LegalWriter@EARTHLINK.NET>
>Reply-To: Circle Discussion List <>
>Subject:  [CODE] Odd "24" bug
>Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:24:08 +0000
>I have an odd bug that has infectected two completely different several
>areas of my MUD -- both pertaining to the number 24.  I am using 3.0pl15
>with 128 bit vector code, DG scripts pl7a (packaged with OLC), and lots of
>other enhancements.
>The first instance of the "24" bug occurs when a player wearing a container
>with objects, such as a backpack, quits the game.  When he returns, his
>"carried weight" is 24 pounds heavier.  The encumbrance goes up and up and
>up with each quit-and-return.
>The second instance of the "24" bug interferes with the
>redit_save_to_disk(int zone) function in OLC.  When a builer enters the
>command "redit save 30", all edited rooms for zone 30 should be saved to
>disk.  This call is handled in ACMD(do_olc) under the case statement of
>SCMD_OLC_REDIT.  The exact line is:
>The value of OLC_ZNUM(d) is usually the second argument in the "save redit
><zone #>" command and should be the zone number in which all rooms are to
>be saved.  However, the value of OLC_ZNUM(d) is being reduced by 24 before
>the function is even called!  So every time someone tries to save rooms in
>zone 30, the function saves rooms in zone 6; every time someone tries to
>save rooms in zone 31, the function saves rooms in zone 7; etc.
>The other 4 xxx_save_to_disk calls (zedit, oedit, medit, and sedit)
>function perfectly.  Only the redit_ function is being passed values
>reduced by 24.
>Is there any significance to the number 24?  The only thing I can think of
>are the thrist/hunger flags, but they are so far removed from equipment and
>OLC features.  Any insight into this troubling bug are most appreciated!
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