Problem booting mud after adding new var's to structs

From: Chuck Carson (
Date: 08/17/99

I added several new variables to the following structs:

        -10 new integer var's
        - I also changed hitroll and damroll to short integers

I had this mud working fine with these additions and could manipulate
these values and save/load them to the pfile.

        - 6 new long integers
        - added 6 new integers w/o using the spares
        - changed 2 of the long spares to integers
mob_special_data  (here is where I think my problem stems)
        - cannot remember what is was before, but it is now:
        - 2 byte vars, 1 memory_rec, 1 int, and 3 int[5] arrays

Everything compiles w/o a complaint but when I boot the mud, it dies
and the last mesg in syslog.CRASH is:
7mobs, 140 bytes in index, 3220 bytes in prototypes.

I have only 1 mob file, and it complies to my new format. I cannot remember
exactly, but I belive my problems resulted after I modified db.c to read in
new values. (I had this working at first, then added some more support
by little then it broke)

I do not know what else to include, any ideas where my problem might lie?

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