Re: [slight off-topic] old archive request

From: Daniel Staudt (
Date: 08/17/99

ok i have gotten lots of ppl telling me how to not get messages
anyone know what/where the software is?

>From: Daniel Staudt <dstaudt@HOTMAIL.COM>
>Reply-To: Circle Discussion List <>
>Subject:  [slight off-topic] old archive request
>Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:21:25 PDT
>i remember a side note in one of the messages on this list about a program
>that could keep your connection to the internet active. was called keep
>alive or something, it did things around the system that you program it to
>i have searched the archives but have been un able to find it.
>if any one could send that message to me at or send
>where i can get the program i would be most appreciative
>please don't try to send it to me via the list i don't stay on the list.
>many messages i can never get to them all.
>Daniel Staudt <>
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